Right vibes from the wood

LANZANI DSGN creates customizable putters using the most precious wood in order to obtain something unique.

Wood guarantees a perfect feel, a natural touch and an incomparable comfort. Each LANZANI DSGN putter can be customized with a laser engraving to be “one of a kind”, like a loyal caddie that never leaves you alone on the green.

Our CHARLIE ONE V2 has obtained compliance with the rules of golf by R&A (the ruling authority of golf for Europe, Asia and Commonwealth) with decree number ES 2018-0589. All putters are designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy.



Choose the wood

  • OLIVE WOOD: an ancient wood, well known for its density and its flexibility. Olive wood is identified among hardwoods.
  • TEAK: a tropical wood that besides the aesthetic is well known for its mechanical properties like water resistance and thermal excursion resistance. Teak is identified among hardwoods.
  • BLACK WALNUT: great mechanical properties and pleasant chromatic effect. Black walnut is identified among hardwoods.
  • EBONY: native to India and Asia, it is characterized by its iconic dark color. Ebony is identified among hardwoods.

Choose the metal inserts


Choose shaft


Choose the engraving

  • FONT

Please note that product images may differ from the actual product. These differences are due to the fact that every piece of wood shows different veining making the single piece unique.


All LANZANI DSGN putters are made from precious wood and successively stabilized with high quality waterproof resin. Nonetheless, wood remains a “living” element, that may be damaged if exposed to high humidity or moisture. For a perfect preservation of your LANZANI DSGN putter we recommend to dry it after each use. Don’t leave the putter submerged in water.

If there are mud stains you can clean them off with a soft brush.

Finally we recommend keeping your DSGN putter in a cool and dry place away from humidity or heat sources.