Passion and knowledge

DSGN is the story of the lucky encounter between a passion - the one for the game of golf - and a deep knowledge of the secrets of wood and its processing techniques.

It is a story that starts in the Brianza district, known worldwide as the capital of luxury furniture, and gradually evolves on the green of a golf course.

Golf and craftsmanship: two realities that are so close to each other sharing the same challenge for excellence and the same desire to be unique.

Craftsmanship and golf: two realities that make the perfectionist attitude the key point of their essence, in which nothing can be left to chance.

Carlo and his family, creators of the DSGN project and great golf enthusiasts, are part of a leading company in the luxury contemporary-classic furniture market.

The deep knowledge of wood, long term expertise in manufacturing and the passion for uniqueness that made their furniture company so strong are now core values at DSGN.

Lanzani wood putter
Lanzani wood putter